Aion: Legions of War Support

Known Issues

  • We are aware of an error with the Complimentary Attendance window. Though all functionality works correctly, and the proper gem amount is deducted, the window is unable to be dismissed without a restart. We're working to resolve this error, but would recommend refraining from using the screen at this time to avoid the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience.


  • We are aware of an inconsistency issue with sub-stat increase when refining equipment. Our teams are working on a resolution.


  • We are aware of an issue with Summer 2019 Coins dropping in-game. The development team is aware and working on a resolution. Thanks for your patience. 


  • We are aware of an issue with Leona's Fate quest, where a specific Heroic item is currently not obtainable. We are looking into ways to address this issue as soon as possible.


  • In the Trophy section, it's not specified which Hero evolution grants Trophy points. Only 4* to 5*, and 5* to 6* evolutions grant points. This is working as intended.


  • There is currently a display issue with discounted Energy Costs in Blitz mode when using an energy discount scroll. The discount is always properly applied, but it is sometimes not displayed accurately.
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