Aion: Legions of War Support

Known Issues

  • We are aware of an issue when reaching the new Energy cap (2,000), where some players may not receive Energy from purchased Daily Rewards, Packs or Mails. We will be addressing/fixing this issue as soon as we can.


  • We are aware of blank grey screen popping up on rare occasions when unlocking the secret shop and tapping "Go Now". We will be addressing/fixing this issue as soon as we can.


  • In the Trophy section, it's not specified which Hero evolution grants Trophy points. Only 4* to 5*, and 5* to 6* evolutions grant points. This is working as intended.


  • There is currently a display issue with discounted Energy Costs for content that costs an odd number of Energy. When the discount is applied, costs will always be an even amount of Energy , rounded up. Currently the displayed costs in game are an even amount of Energy, rounded down. So for example, if a Dungeon normally costs 7 Energy, during Energy Rush it will require 4 Energy to enter the Dungeon but the display will list 3 Energy. We hope to have this fixed in a future update. 
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