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What can I do in the Guild Menu?

1. Join a Guild

Tap “Join” to see a list of Guilds you may join or “Search Guild” to look for a specific Guild you are interested in if you know the name. Guild membership may be set up by the Leader as "auto-join" or "request to join." In auto-join, you will be accepted into the Guild immediately, whereas "request to join" requires the Leader to approve you before you become a Member. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50 players can be in the same Guild.

2. Battle through the Guild Dungeon

Make your way through a series of challenging boss battles that require Guild coordination to defeat and gain exclusive rewards.

3. Access the Guild Shop

In the Guild Shop, you can purchase rare items such as 5-star Hero Shards, equipment and other items to power up your Legion.

4. Talk to other players through the Guild Chat

Guild Chat allows for Guild Members to communicate and assist each other while playing the game.

5. Gain rewards.

The Guild Shop Reward is achieved when the currency goal is met by your Guild Members spending in the Shop. The rewards are sent to all Members of the Guild once achieved. You can also achieve Guild Currency from beating Guild Dungeon Bosses.

6. Collect Guild Trophies and advance your Guild Rank.

Trophies are awarded from completing various actions in the game. These are used to rank the Guild amongst other Guilds on a weekly basis. The higher the Trophy count, the more Guild Currency is awarded to all Members of the Guild.

7. Manage your Guild.

As Guild Leader, you can manage the Guild Emblem, Flag, Motto, assign Second Masters, and even transfer leadership to a successor! You may also demote Members or expel them from the Guild. Naturally, you may also disband the Guild if you so desire.

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