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What can I do in the Duel Arena?

1. Duel your way to the top of the leaderboards.
Challenge other players and have your party duke it out with their line-up to dominate the competition. Earn Battle Points for victories, and lose Battle Points from defeats. Players are ranked by Battle Points earned in each Season, a set period of time for players to duel and ascend the leaderboards until reset, which occurs at regular intervals.

2. Defend your honor.
Set up a Defense Team to defend your honor when other players select you as their opponent. Your Defense Team will automatically battle against other players and ensure you do not lose points so you can maintain your rank on the leaderboards.

3. Earn Rewards and complete Daily Quests.
Completing Duel Arena matches helps you to accomplish Daily Quests by acquiring points to unlock Honor Coins and other rewards.

4. Collect Honor Coins.
Participating in Duel Arena awards Honor Coins. These can be used in the Honor Shop to purchase various items. Keep your eyes open for special time-limited PvP events that offer different rewards!

5. Fight against your rivals.
The rival is your first encounter in the Duel Arena. When you win the battle, you can acquire special rewards. You will discover more rivals as you complete main story missions. Rival battles reset regularly and scale in difficulty as your rival adapts to your strategy over time!

6. Seek Revenge.
You lose battle points if your Defense Team fails to defeat any challengers. When you log into the game again, you have the option to get your Revenge for any of your losses on the Defensive Combat screen.

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