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What can I do in the Tower of Transcendence?

1. Defeat hordes of enemies.
Enemies lurk on every floor of the Tower of Transcendence, ready to take on anyone who dares approach. Defeating the enemies on a floor results in the completion of that stage, and allows commanders to ascend to the next floor to attack the next wave of foes. The higher the floor you ascend, the more difficult the enemies!

2. Race to the top of the tower.
Each stage you clear is another floor ascended. At the end of each stage, a "clear time" shows how long it took your party to defeat the foes on that floor, which is then used to compile your total time of ascent. Commanders with the fastest time and highest floor reached are placed on the leaderboard accordingly.

3. Strategize your way to victory.
Many floors have bosses with unique abilities that require strategic thinking to defeat. Powerful enemies appear on every 5th and 10th floor, so wise commanders looking to maximize their leaderboard ranking should plan their party and battle plans accordingly. Tap the location info area to quickly change floors and scout out the slew of foes that await.

4. Collect rewards.
Each floor offers unique rewards ranging from gold, Summonite Shards, Confinite and more! The higher the floor you clear, the better the reward will be.

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