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What can I do in Expedition?

1. Send Heroes to autonomously complete Expeditions.
Heroes sent on Expeditions will autonomously complete them while you engage in other quests. After setting Heroes as members of an Expedition, you can assign them to the task for select increments of time. All Heroes will earn experience upon successful completion of the Expedition. The longer your Heroes have to complete an Expedition, the higher the chances of finding treasure and rewards. Additionally, the number of Expedition members may also affect their chances of coming back with loot. Choose your Expedition members wisely!

2. Gain experience while you complete other quests.
Because Expedition allows heroes to complete quests autonomously, Commanders are free to complete other quests and conquer other parts of the realm. For example, you can ascend up the Duel Arena leaderboards or the floors of the Tower of Transcendence, all while your Heroes complete Expeditions on their own.

3. Seize guaranteed victory.
Expeditions are guaranteed completion so long as the set increment of time has passed. Use your time wisely and assign Expedition members to maximize your progression to ascend up the Legion ranks!

4. Earn Rewards.
When completing an Expedition, you will earn rewards such as equipment, gold, Confinite and more!

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